WHY is always the most important question you can ask.

In the age of Big Data, we know plenty about Who is buying What, When, and Where. Any brand can win that game by analyzing this data smarter and faster than competitors. But that gives you only temporary, short-term wins.

Learning the WHY behind your consumers’ and customers’ motivations will reveal the insights upon which you can build a differentiated brand strategy and long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

WHY is the question that true brand-builders and innovators and leaders always seek to answer. This is the core of what we do. We have dedicated our minds and our careers to the WHY.

Let us be your Eye into Why.



Why Eye is a full-service Brand Marketing agency.

In today’s interconnected world, a holistic brand marketing plan is essential and powerful. A well-crafted and clearly articulated brand strategy is the necessary foundation to creating innovation and marketing plans that drive growth. We bring world-class, client-side experience in all three areas.

Brand Strategy

We utilize a comprehensive suite of proprietary tools to identify and articulate your brand’s Why – both marketplace positioning and its larger purpose.

Target Identification & Understanding
Brand Positioning
Competitive Framework
Core Benefit
Reasons to Believe
Brand Eye
Brand Purpose
Brand Commitment


Our team has decades of world-class best practice experience and invaluable commercial insight from our entrepreneurial pursuits.

Knowledge Synthesis
Competitive Landscaping
Concept Development
Package Design & Engineering
Test Market Design & Implementation
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Shopper Insights


We THINK and DO. Using our unique real-world, client-side experience, our teams integrate strategy, creativity, and commercial reality to get real results.


  Public Relations
  Social Media
  Point of Sale


  Launch Planning
  Point of Sale
  Shopper Marketing
  Influencer & Gatekeeper Affinity


  Policy Development
  Investor Relations
  Regulatory Affairs
  Employee Engagement
  Media Training
  Executive Coaching & Support


These are the areas where we Thrive.

Verticals, Industries, Categories

Spirits, Wine, & Beer

Consumer Packaged Goods



Food & Nutrition


Rx & OTC Medicine

Health & Wellness

Knowledge Focals

Brand Equity & Positioning

Innovation & Growth

Trend Forecasting

Brand PR

Crisis Communications & Risk Management

Corporate Relations

Media Relations


Middle America

Passion Points


Adrenaline Junkies



Holistic Well-Being

Environmental Sustainability

Green Products

Brands with Social Purpose


Jerry Knight, Founder

Jerry was “The Client” for 25 years, leading brand marketing and innovation at companies and brands large and small. He has classic training and experience from the world-class Best Practicers of brand marketing including Procter & Gamble, Fruit of the Loom, Bristol Myers, Del Monte, and Diageo. Jerry also has a wealth of firsthand entrepreneurship over the past decade, having birthed seven startups. Why Eye is his 8th (and final?) child, providing a vehicle to synthesize all of his experience and expertise, and nurture talented people and important brands.

Beth Davies, Partner

Beth has over 15 years client-side experience, with successive communications and corporate social responsibility roles with the spirits industry association then with Diageo for over a decade, in North America and Europe. For the past five years, Beth has studied the intersection of profit and purpose via consulting work for brands, non-profits, and artists. She was recently named an Agent of Change Fellow by the Centre for Social Innovation, and feeds her passion for Sustainability with her own startup GreenABCs.





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